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The UK Energy Partnership is a local business initiative which has been set up to help businesses in your local region to secure cheaper energy prices through collective purchasing. It works simply by businesses joining together to use the collective weight of a combined utility spend to negotiate much cheaper energy costs for everyone involved.

The great thing about the partnership is that each company retains their own individual contract, so you still only pay for the gas and electric your businesses use and the account is held personally in your business name. The more businesses that join up means the bigger discount that can be negotiated. You can register your interest in the UK Energy Partnership by filling in the website form below and state your local region in the message.


All we need is a copy of your electricity and / or gas bill to register you as a member for free. 


You will more than likely be in a contract, so when the time is right we will pool you together with lots of other local businesses (with a similar contract end date as you). 

We will then hold a one day auction for the energy companies to bid on the collective. 

The provider offering the lowest energy price wins!


We will then present back to you the winning price and compare it to your current contract as well as a renewal offer from your exciting provider.


Then it’s up to you if you wish to proceed with the offered price. There is no obligation to switch but if you want to start saving then we take care of the rest. 

To register for free to pop your information below and we'll be in touch to talk you through it

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